Inhalt Eisenherstellung



Aachen, 2008

Contents Introduction:

1. Where this book was created and by whom
2. About iron and steel
3. A bit of history
Recommended literature

Part I. Raw Materials and Their Preparation

4. Ores
5. Sintering
6. Pelletizing
7. Briquetting
8. Coals
9. Cokemaking
10. Environmental aspects
Recommended literature and Web resources

Part II. Blast Furnace Process

11. An outline of the process
12. Blast furnace design and facilities
13. Movement of materials and gases
14. Decomposition of materials
15. Reduction processes
16. Oxidising processes
17. Formation of metal and slag
18. Desulphurisation of hot metal
19. Heat exchange
20. Injection technologies
21. Measurements, modelling and automatic control
22. State-of-the-art and challenges of the blast furnace ironmaking
23. Energy saving and environment
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Part III. Direct and Smelting Reduction Processes

24. Introduction
25. Direct Reduction
26. Smelting reduction
27. Hybrid processes
28. Characteristics and terminology of DR processes